What's trending in Non-Invasive treatment options?

Whether you’re a longtime client of ours, or you’re new to Toccare, you’re probably curious about the enhancement’s that we offer in our facials. Our list of options may seem a little difficult to choose from, especially if you are new to these services, which is why we’re here today to answer the most commonly asked questions about them! 

 We brought two of our estheticians together and had them participate in a skincare Q&A. We have Meshelle, one of our veteran estheticians who is well-known for her knowledge in the treatment room, and Alessandra,our go-to professional for all of the latest beauty trends! Keep reading to hear how they describe our most popular add-ons, and which one would be most suitable for you!

Q: How would you explain the Microdermabrasion treatment to someone?

Basically, it’s a hand held device that shoots out aluminum oxide crystals across the skin and simultaneously sucks them back up. I like to describe it as mildly “sandblasting” our skin. This creates a topical, minimally invasive exfoliation by removing dead skin from the surface, and it will also help to regenerate new skin cells while speeding up collagen production. Your skin will feel smooth, regenerated, resurfaced, and youthful!
— Meshelle

Q: Who would you recommend this to?

It’s great for most skin types, but especially for those who have sun damage, melasma (or pregnancy mask), hyperpigmentation, dull skin, non-active acne scarring, blackheads, fine lines, and wrinkles. Your esthetician is the best person to determine if this treatment would benefit you!
— Meshelle

Q: As for our Enzyme Peels, how would you explain these?

These Peels are a non-invasive and safe way to exfoliate your skin, as they utilize enzymes found in nature, such as Strawberries, Papaya, Pumpkin, and Yogurt, which help to dissolve and digest dead skin cells and reveal smoother, brighter skin. They can stimulate cell renewal, improve firmness, texture, and tone, and also combat hyperpigmentation and acne! Some can be stimulating, meaning you may feel some tingling or experience flushing (redness) for a few hours post treatment. Some clients may feel it a little and some may feel it a lot, it just depends on your skin type and tolerance level. I personally love a little stimulation in a product!
— Meshelle

Q: Are they geared towards a specific skin type, or can they be used on anyone?

These are fabulous for most skin types, even sensitive skin! There are different peels that are meant for different skin concerns, such as our Vitamin C Enzyme Peel which is great for lightening and brightening the skin, so always check with your esthetician to see which one would benefit you the most!
— Meshelle

Q: What would you tell someone who is trying to decide between an Enzyme Peel and a Chemical Peel?

Both Chemical and Enzyme Peels offer exfoliation of skin cells to varying degrees, but Chemical Peels typically tend to be stronger and can lead to harsh side effects. Contrary to their name, Enzyme Peels are not likely to cause a lot of peeling like an invasive Chemical Peel might. Side effects from a Chemical Peel can include extensive down time due to the skin sloughing/peeling, as well as temporary heightened sensitivity to environmental factors, such as the sun. There areextenuating circumstances where I would recommend a Chemical Peel over an Enzyme Peel, but 9 times out of 10 I would recommend the latter
— Meshelle

Q: So, let’s move on to our other enhancements. From what I’ve heard, the Oxygen and Jet Treatments are fairly similar to each other, how would you differentiate them?

The Oxygen Treatment is this machine that has a hose attached to it, and Oxygen is shot out from the tip of a handpiece at the end of it. We move it around the face to evenly distribute the flow of oxygen, but we can also focus it on problem areas if needed. The Jet machine operates the same way, except it incorporates saline which is blasted onto the skin through a tiny hose. It’s kind of like power-washing your face, really. The saline feels very cold on the skin, which may sound uncomfortable, but everyone who has this treatment loves the results! Both the Oxygen and Jet Clear work amazing in conjunction with either the Microderm or an Enzyme. For special occasions, like brides, we highly recommend a Vitamin C Peel and Jet Clear. It leaves the skin super glowy!        
— Alessandra

Q: What is the purpose of the Oxygen Treatment? Is it for a specific skin type?

This treatment is great for all skin types- even acne prone, sensitive, or dry skin. It basically gives life to your skin by oxygenating it, since cells need oxygen in order to thrive. This helps brighten and revitalize the skin, and also soothes any irritation and inflammation. For clients who want an anti-aging treatment, we can also include the infusion, which has Vitamin A, C, and E, and will help boost elasticity, collagen, and cell turnover. Afterwards, your skin will look more alive and toned!
— Alessandra

Q: Who would you suggest uses the Jet Treatment?

This treatment is really beneficial for someone with dry, dehydrated, or congested skin, because it will help to decongest the pores and also calm inflammation and hydrate the skin. If you feel like you’re having to use more product on your face, this would be a great option, as it can help open up your pores and allow your products to penetrate the skin deeper. The saline will also help plump up any fine lines you may have!
— Alessandra

Q: How often would you say someone should have any of these treatments done?

Everyone’s skin is different, so we would leave that up to you and your esthetician to decide, but neither the Oxygen nor the Jet could really be done too often! Unless you’re talking every day, maybe, but even every week wouldn’t be overkill. 
— Alessandra
With Microdermabrasion and Enzyme Peels it’s a little more complicated. We all know that there is such a thing as toomuch exfoliation, so we wouldn’t recommend any more frequent that every four weeks, unless we are specifically trying to treat certain issues in the skin.                                                                                                 
— Meshelle

We hope this Q&A helped you feel more informed about our enhancement’s! As always, check-in with your esthetician before your Radiance Facial to learn how they can customize it to your specific needs. We believe your skin is unique and deserves a unique treatment!




Team Toccare

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