Brands We're Loving in 2019

Now that we understand what Clean, Green, and Organic Beauty mean- it’s time to find a brand you can trust! Of course we love every single brand we carry- otherwise you wouldn’t find them at our spa- but we do have a few honorable mentions from each category to help you narrow down your search for your next (or maybe first) non-toxic beauty product!

Organic Beauty:

If you’re interested in something Organic, we would highly recommend either Eminence or Dr. Alkaitis.

Dr. Alkaitis likes to make sure his customers know that his products are so organic, you can even eat them! (But we hope you won’t need to…) He developed a way to extract nutrients from plants using the whole source- not just the stem or flower- thus utilizing every bit of goodness, and also managed to find a way to “fuse science into a holistic approach”, meaning each ingredient is there to truly nourish and heal your skin in the exact way you need it to. 

You’ll find a long list of healthy, organic ingredients inside each Eminence product, and can trust that their effectiveness is up to par with some of the most luxurious brands out there. Most products are also gluten-free, as well as vegan-friendly, so there’s something for everyone.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Crème - 15 ml
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Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum - 30 ml
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Green Beauty:

If you’re looking for something Green, we highly recommend looking into three of our favorites- Leahlani, Pai, or Botnia.

Leahlani is a Hawaii-based line that not only contains some of the most beautiful packaging we’ve seen, it’s also esthetician and botanical chemist owned, so you know the ingredients will be effective! Each product contains natural oils and nectars from Hawaii that will help your skin feel nourished and oh-so amazing, as well as leave you in an uplifted state of mind due to their yummy scents! 

Botnia, while also esthetician owned and science-backed, focuses on real, simple ingredients in all of their products. They contain one of our personal favorite ingredients in skincare- Goldenseal. This is an herb that can be found in North America, and is known for its amazing healing properties. Aside from including one of our favorite ingredients, they also produce their products in small batches, so you can trust that anything you purchase from them is made with care and integrity.

Pai Skincare is another brand that we hold near and dear to our hearts at Toccare, and actually happens to be COSMOS certified, meaning their products are held to some of the highest standards and restrictions when it comes to ingredients. This means that at least 98% of their ingredients come from nature, and only 2% are allowed to be non-natural, but they must still fit into the strict restrictions for this certification. This brand sits somewhere in-between Green and Organic, but since they do contain some synthetics, it truly depends on how strict you’d like to be with your ingredients. They’re also certified Vegan and make sure all of their packaging is recyclable!

Botnia Gentle Cleanser
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Leahlani Mermaid Mask
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Clean Beauty:

For Clean beauty, we tend to gravitate towards Marie Veronique. While it is full of ingredients from natural sources, it does also contain some synthetics, but still keeps true to being safe and effective!

This brand is a great choice for those of you who are just weaning off of traditional, toxin-filled skincare products, while still wanting something with the same intensity. The owner and founder, Marie, likes to call her line “Clean Clinical”, meaning it is packed full of ingredients that will help transform and heal your skin, all while remaining non-toxic. Not only is she an esthetician with tons on skincare knowledge- she’s also a scientist, so every ingredient in her line is very carefully selected. For those of you who may be sensitive to essential oils, she has options for you as well!

Marie Veronique Soothing B3 Serum - 30 ml
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As you can tell, we’ve got quite a few brands to choose from! Share with us which ones make the cut for your skincare regimen using our hashtag, #ToccareRitual, on social media and you could be entered into winning a mini-self care package filled with some of our faves! 


Team Toccare